Building Your Own Personal Commercial

When talking with people about your job search, they’ll naturally ask about your background and what you’re looking for. These can be tough questions to answer because you might not know what the person wants to hear or how long your answer should be. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is taking too long to tell your story. That’s why you should write and memorize a 30-second and a 60-second “commercial” about yourself.

Remember: The key is to keep it to the point and highlight your strengths

Include these points in ylego-516559_1280our commercial:

  1. Your brand: a snapshot of your focus, philosophy and core deliverables
  2. Your background: education and work experience
  3. Your skills, strengths and accomplishments
  4. Your job focus and future –what type of work you like to do and your career goals

Other Uses for Your “Commercial”

You can also use the same information from your 30 or 60-second commercial:

  • At job fairs, when talking to employers
  • In an interview when an employer says: “So, tell me about yourself.” And the same information can help you answer other questions, such as:
    • Tell me about yourself?
    • Why should I hire you?
    • Why are you qualified for this job?
    • Why do you want this job?

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