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01-20-15 Three Banks Get in Front of the Unemployment Issue: Programs help unemployed borrowers getback to work, Fannie Mae Housing Industry Forum
12-05-14 Want Help With Your Job, Ask Your Bank, Fannie Mae’s The Home Story: A Window into Housing in America.
11-13-14 Homeowner Reemployment Initiative Named Winner In BAI-Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards, Yahoo News
08-27-14 Corporate Social Responsibility Company of the Week: Fifth Third Bank, Financial Services Roundtable
08-06-14 Bank Helps Unemployed Borrowers Find Jobs, Voice of America TV – VIDEO
07-17-14 Bank’s Call to U.S. Borrower Leads to Job, Not Foreclosure; USAA Launches Homeowner Reemployment, Bloomberg News
07-10-14 Re-employment Campaign, Fifth Third Bank, ABC News, Lexington, KY – VIDEO
06-30-14 Tips for Expanding Your Job Search, Cincinnati Fox 19 – VIDEO
06-17-14 Fifth Third Offers Program to Get People Back to Work, Fox 2 TV News, Detroit – VIDEO
06-12-14 Fifth Third Expands First of its Kind Program to Get Troubled Borrowers Back to Work, Cincinnati Business Courier
06-05-14 Fifth Third Bank Wants To Get You Back To Work, Jacksonville Business Journal
05-30-14 Fifth Third Bank and Leo Burnett Get Curious About Reemployment, Chicago Business Journal
05-29-14 Fifth Third Bank Helps Customers Get Trained and Hired – Video, Cincinnati Local 12 TV – VIDEO
05-29-14 Fifth Third Bank Launches ‘Reemployment’ Campaign;Dedicates Marketing Effort To Help Job Seekers Get Back to Work Sooner, Fifth Third Bank News Release
01-09-14 Banks Help Tardy Mortgage Borrowers Find New Jobs, The Financial Brand
01-02-14 Fifth Third Jobs Program Brings Borrowers Back From the Brink, – American Banker
11-23-13 Bank tells tardy borrowers to get job—­and offers to help, Indianapolis Business Journal
11-21-13 M&T Bank Takes Action to Help Unemployed Borrowers, Default Servicing News
11-21-13 M&T Bank First Financial Institution in New York State and Second in the Nation to Help Some Unemployed Mortgage Holders Find Jobs – Press Release
11-21-13 M&T offers job help for mortgage holders, Video, Channel 4 News, Buffalo – VIDEO
08-06-13 Job Search Help Now Available on Fifth Third Bank Financial Empowerment Mobiles
08-06-13 Attacking Foreclosure At Its Roots, Default Servicing News, Best Practices Section, July 2013, p. 52
07-09-13 The Fifth Third Difference: Get A Job With Your Bank Statement – The Wall Street Journal
07-09-13 Fifth Third Bank and NextJob Offer Job Seeker’s Toolkit to Bank Customers – BusinessWire
06-19-13 A Bank Pays For Job Coaches To Help Troubled Homeowners Find Work – The Detroit Free Press
03-27-13 NextJob Announces Accelerated Availability of Program to Help Distressed Borrowers Find Jobs
02-15-13 Fifth Third Connecting Borrowers With Jobs – Chicago Tribune Company
02-13-13 Fifth Third Helps Some Homeowners Hunt For Job – The Columbus Dispatch
02-13-13 Fifth Third Mortgage Program Offers Relief For Customers – Toledo Blade
02-13-13 Bank To Help Unemployed Mortgage Holders Find New Jobs – Business Lexington
02-07-13 Fifth Third Aims to Stem Defaults By Focusing On Jobs – American Banker
02-06-13 Fifth Third Expands Job Search Training Program for Borrowers – Wall Street Journal
02-06-13 Fifth Third Helps Its Delinquent Borrowers Find Jobs – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
02-06-13 Fifth Third Helps Distressed Homeowners Find Jobs – Daton Daily News
02-06-13 Fifth Third Bank Expands Employment Program For Troubled Borrowers – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Collapse Fifth Third Bank is expanding a program to help unemployed mortgage borrowers find a job to avoid foreclosure.
Georgia’s foreclosure rate last year ranked fourth in the nation, as it did in 2011, according to RealtyTrac. One in every 39 homes in the state received a foreclosure filing last year, although it was a slight improvement from one in every 37 homes a year earlier.
Up to half of mortgage delinquencies are due to job loss, according to Steven Alonso, who heads parent company Fifth Third Bancorp’s consumer bank.
Cincinnati-based Fifth Third, which has branches in metro Atlanta, launched a pilot employment assistance program last year with the help of NextJob, a re-employment services company. During the pilot, unemployed borrowers at serious risk of default on their mortgages received one-on-one coaching, job search software and access to weekly job search webinars at no cost.
“This is specific, one-on-one training that helps people identify their transferable skills and regain the financial stability of a new job,” Alonso said in a statement about the program.
The bank said borrowers in the program had been out of work for 22 months on average, but after six months nearly 40 percent were fully employed. Fifth Third Bank said it’s the first financial institution to offer such assistance to mortgage customers.
Just last month, 10 major mortgage companies agreed to pay more than $8.5 billion to settle claims of abusive foreclosure practices. The companies in the settlement are SunTrust, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Aurora, Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, MetLife Bank, PNC, Sovereign and U.S. Bank.
Federal regulators said the deal would get compensation faster to affected homeowners and aid borrowers who are currently in financial trouble. Read More

02-06-13 Fifth Third Bank and NextJob Complete Reemployment Pilot; Bank Signs Multi-Year Contract to Help Distressed Borrowers Find Jobs
08-30-11 NextJob launched Job for Job; NextJob Launches New Program to Help Nonprofits Give Clients a Hand Up into Employment

NextJob (, a nationwide reemployment solutions company, has launched Job for Job, a program under which the company will donate access to its leading job search learning system to nonprofit organizations. Inspired by a similar model developed by TOMS Shoes, NextJob will donate access to an individual in need every time a customer buys a reemployment package — one for one, Job for Job. In providing access to NextJob software and staff support, Job for Job partners with community – based organizations to give them a tool to leverage their existing efforts to help people in need. With its first two community agency partners , People Helping People and Valley Services, Job for Job is put ting a proven reemployment resource in the hands of single mothers and people with mental health issues or other life challenges. Read More

09-29-09 TALX Inks Contract with NextJob; Launches “TALX Reemployment Services,” Leader in Tax Management Services and Innovator in Outplacement Join Forces to Expedite Reemployment

St. Louis (September 29, 2009) – TALX, provider of Equifax Workforce Solutions and a
leader in human resource and payroll-related services, announced today that it has
contracted with NextJob, Inc., a pacesetter in employee outplacement and coaching
services, to launch a multi-faceted reemployment service to TALX unemployment
The service, named “TALX Reemployment Services,” is designed to help TALX ‘s
unemployment clients find gainful employment for displaced workers. TALX is first to
market with this comprehensive service which utilizes a combination of tools such as
one-on-one coaching, software training, resume writing, and programs for improving
interviewing and networking skills. The service is being offered as an added benefit to
TALX’s unemployment clients through the company’s Tax Management Services unit.
NextJob’s role is to help candidates connect with a good job quickly. Using TALX’s
service, employers are able to arrange expert job search training for former employees
that is user-friendly for all levels. Read More