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Contact:  Tammy Mullin, NextJob
For Immediate Release
June 30, 2021

NextJob Selected as Endorsed Business Partner by Michigan Hospital Association

Service Helps Hospitals Provide Reemployment and Career Development Benefits

BEND, Ore.―  NextJob, a nationwide reemployment services and outplacement company, has been selected by the Michigan Hospital Association(MHA) to join its Endorsed Business Partner (EBP) program to offer a win-win approach to help Michigan hospitals and their employees.

“Following a comprehensive discovery and review process, we are excited to partner with NextJob so our members have easy access to a national leader in outplacement and employee career development” said Peter Schonfeld, MHA CEO. MHA developed its EBP program to identify and connect its member hospitals and health systems with high quality industry-leading firms that can meet their most pressing needs. 

Schonfeld said “MHA has managed our members unemployment claims for years. NextJob, a national leader in managing unemployment claims by rapidly reemploying claimants, so it was natural for us to add NextJob into our EBP program.”  

“Fourteen years ago, we made it our mission to develop win-win reemployment solutions” said John Courtney, NextJob CEO. “In this case, the claiming employee lands a great job faster and the employer reduces the length of their unemployment claims.”

NextJob works with small and large hospitals, Fortune 500 companies and nonprofit associations, often helping laid off employees land jobs twice as fast. The service is designed not only to reduce employers’ unemployment insurance costs, but also to preserve community and employee goodwill.

For employers not making layoffs, NextJob offers employee career development coaching to assess, train and equip emerging leaders and staff seeking growth opportunities.

Courtney noted that: “In the job current market, forward-thinking employee benefits appear to be as important as ever in recruiting and retaining great talent. After the COVID-19-driven layoffs our nation experienced, unemployment in particular, is on employee’s minds.”

Using an evidence-based approach through proactive virtual coaching, webinars and a proprietary online job search system, NextJob has been on the leading edge of rethinking reemployment. The firm’s award-winning reemployment approach has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, Detroit Free Press and the Chicago Tribune.

NextJob’s pricing for MHA Members is nicely below the industry average reflecting NextJob’s mission to make outplacement and career development coaching affordable services for all levels of employees.

About NextJob

Headquartered in Bend, Oregon, NextJob is a nationwide firm focused on full employment in America.  Founded on the Golden Rule, its mission is to provide creative reemployment solutions for employers, lenders, government and others to help job seekers land jobs and avoid the many impacts of unemployment.  NextJob’s service provides high quality, one-on-one job coaching and multimedia online learning that is highly effective, affordable and accountable. To learn more, visit

About The Michigan Health & Hospital Association

The Michigan Health & Hospital Association (MHA) is the statewide leader representing all community hospitals in Michigan. Established in 1919, the MHA represents the interests of its member hospitals and health systems in both the legislative and regulatory arenas on key issues and supports their efforts to provide quality, cost-effective and accessible care.