Our Team

Chief Executive Officer

John Courtney

John has developed model reemployment policy and program designs since 1998, working with state agencies across America, including Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Indiana, Louisiana, Alabama, Hawaii and Utah including helping advance the $40 million Texas Back to Work initiative that won US Department of Labor’s 2010 Innovation Award. He has written on topics such as reemployment best practices, hiring statistics, job board innovation, unemployment insurance tax structure efficiency, wage subsidy programs, implementation of the Workforce Investment Act and the American Institute’s nationally-published state unemployment report cards. Most recently, John has written expert testimony for the Institute’s appearance in U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate Finance Committee hearings on job creation and unemployment policy.

John has practiced law since 1993 in business and employment issues and mergers and acquisitions and taught business planning at the Oregon Institute of Technology. He holds a B.A. in Economics from Bucknell University, and both an MBA in Entrepreneurship and a law degree from the University of Pittsburgh. John is IAWP-certified as a Master of Workforce Development. He enjoys job coaching and is also certified as a Stephen Ministry life coach.

John is the Chief Executive Officer and a founder of NextJob. He leads the company, focusing his efforts on strategic partnerships, sales and new initiatives. In his nonprofit work, John serves as the President of the American Institute for Full Employment, a nonprofit think tank that develops best practice reemployment programs and consults with state government workforce agencies. In a related business, John has served as a Director for SOS Staffing Company, a 22-state staffing agency.

Chief Operations Officer

Mike Chamberland

Mike is NextJob’s Chief Operations Officer, leading the service delivery and information teams. NextJob has built an application and an operations team uniquely suited to provide job search training closely tied to one-on-one coaching with industry leading cost effectiveness.

Before joining NextJob, Mike served as Information Department director for over ten years at a $200 million private firm. At Hire Calling Holding Company, Mike has also served as Technical Lead in the Business Research division before joining NextJob.

Mike is also a Fellow with the American Institute for Full Employment, specializing in information systems and best practices in Unemployment Insurance and labor exchange programs. There, Mr. Chamberland authored the Institute’s study on Employment Exchange Board Best Practices – an in-depth study of public and private job boards, their design, innovation, content, effectiveness, and use of technology. This study is the basis for establishing best of breed standards as the rapidly expanding labor exchange industry continues to develop.

Mike was educated at Oregon State University and continues to support the Beavers at every opportunity.

Chief Marketing Officer

Tammy Mullin

Tammy is the Chief Marketing Officer. She oversees sales, is a liaison with key strategic partners and has primary responsibility for accounting and financial matters. Tammy joined NextJob in early 2015 with a background in Marketing, Product Management and Accounting.

Prior to joining NextJob, Tammy held the position of Senior Director of Product Management for the Equifax Workforce Solutions Unemployment Division where she executed against internal and external research plans using varied research methodologies to generate critical insights that enabled the creation and execution of comprehensive strategic plans and tools to achieve desired business results, including improved client retention, market acceptance of new product initiatives and increased user experience satisfaction.

Tammy’s financial experience includes time spent as the Senior Financial Officer at Equifax Workforce Solutions, working as the Chief Financial Officer at Cutanea Life Sciences, Inc. and as a Senior Audit Manager for Arthur Andersen LLP where, in addition to her audit work, she assisted clients with business transactions, including Initial Public Offerings, M&A activities and debt transactions. She was also in charge of the development and execution of various training courses which has led to a love of teaching over the years.

Tammy received her Certified Public Accounting license from the State of Pennsylvania, is Pragmatic Marketing Certified and graduated with a B.S. in Certified Public Accounting from the University of Delaware.

Senior Vice President

Terri Shephard

Terri is the Senior Vice President for NextJob. She is responsible for accounting, tax and compliance as well as providing technical and operational support to customer service and the coaching teams. Terri also contributes to NextJob content development as well as providing support in reporting, data analysis, recruitment and capacity planning allowing NextJob to continue to grow and meet the needs of its customers and job seekers.

Terri joined NextJob in 2007 after nearly 15 years as an award-winning executive recruiter and manager in the staffing and permanent placement industry and has actively participated in building the coaching team at NextJob. During her tenure at NextJob, Terri has served in numerous roles including Job Coach, Coach Team Manager, Director of Operations and Chief Operating Officer. With a previous career in public relations and communications, Terri has also been a contributor to our internal and external communications program, and has helped develop content for the NextJob Online Job Search Training Program.

Terri was educated at the University of Oregon with an emphasis in sociology and journalism. Her involvement in professional and service organizations have included membership roles in the Society for Human Resources Management, economic development committees and Rotary International.

Director of Customer Happiness

Allen Whitt

Allen is the Director of Customer Happiness at NextJob. His primary focus is on excellence in service delivery and ensuring that our customers and job seekers are raving fans of NextJob. His responsibilities include program development, implementation as well as customer data analytics and reporting.

Allen joined NextJob in 2008 as a client and learned the techniques, values, and philosophies of the NextJob system.  He can attest to the effectiveness of the personal and professional experience and encourages others to enlist and utilize the expertise of this very effective team.

Prior to NextJob, Allen spent a majority of his career in mortgage services and real estate industries with First Horizon Home Loans and MetLife. His sincere concern for others has served as a catalyst for his goal to provide exceptional service.

Allen earned his B.S. in Innovation and Leadership from Southern Oregon University.

Director of New Coach Development / Coach Team Manager

Christine Stiller

Christine joined NextJob as a Job Coach in 2010 and currently serves in the role of Director of New Coach Development / Coach Team Manager. In this role Christine oversees the development and implementation of training and mentoring strategies and processes for the successful onboarding of new coaches into the NextJob team. This process not only involves training on systems, tools and procedures but more importantly it focuses on integrating new coaches into the NextJob culture and philosophy of customer service. Christine’s goal is to ensure that new coaches have the knowledge, attitude, tools, resources, and skills they need in order to provide personalized NextJob service to job seekers.

A big picture / strategic thinker, Christine’s mission is to build the capacity of people and organizations. As a Human Resources Consultant Christine provided services in the areas of training & development, executive coaching, employee engagement and team effectiveness. In her 20 year HR career Christine has worked in or served leaders in a number of industries including nonprofits, healthcare, financial & professional services and manufacturing.

Christine is a PCC certified coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF) – one of less than 5000 worldwide. She brings to NextJob a depth of coaching expertise from having served as New Coach Instructor for an IAC certified coaching school where she delivered a 5-month training curriculum that involved virtual class instruction, 1:1 mentoring and developmental feedback and coaching skills evaluation.

In addition to her certifications in Human Resources Management and Training & Development, Christine holds the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation (Canada) and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.

Director of Military Services

Kathy Malone

Kathy is a professional career transition coach, engaging speaker, best-selling author, successful internet marketer, and 26-year navy veteran. She is the founder of Front Line Success Systems, a personal development company committed to helping military people in transition. Since 2002, Kathy has coached hundreds of clients through radical career changes.

Kathy is considered an expert on issues faced by military personnel transitioning back to civilian life. After living the military lifestyle, particularly in a combat zone, it can be a daunting task to find employment, start a business or simply reconnect with your family. She offers experience and resources that help make her clients’ transitions less traumatic and even enjoyable and exciting.

Kathy co-authored a best-selling book, “Seizing Your Success,” with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and others. Previously, she wrote an “Ask the Coach” column for Stars & Stripes Publications, which was distributed worldwide. She’s been quoted many times as a military transition expert in Civilian Job News and USAA Magazine, and interviewed on radio shows such as Job Talk hosted by Richard Bolles, author of “What Color is Your Parachute?”

Kathy earned a B.B.A. (Summa Cum Laude) from National University San Diego and is a graduate of Coach U, the world’s premier coaching institute. She’s a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), founding member of the International Association of Coaches, past president of the Nevada Professional Coaches Association and current member of the New Mexico ICF Chapter.

Coach Team Manager

Dixie Bullock

Dixie Bullock is a Coach Team Manager at NextJob. She manages a team of job coaches and is also the Quality Survey Manager at NextJob. Dixie has an intimate knowledge of the operational workings of NextJob and has a deep understanding of the back end logistics of the NextJob training software

Dixie joined NextJob in 2010, as a NCHEC Certified Homeownership Counselor. Her non-profit work includes housing counseling, delinquency and foreclosure prevention and financial education.

Dixie’s coaching and employment-related services experience include over 15 years in staffing, recruiting, training, and job-matching while delivering exceptional service and solutions to a large client-base in a variety of industries and skill levels. With an aptitude for decision making and problem solving, she has been consistently successful in gathering information and providing guidance while helping others feel empowered about next steps, possible outcomes, and options.

Director of Community Partnerships

Audrey McDonough

Audrey is NextJob’s Director of Community Partnerships, including NextJob’s charitable work. This program supports non-profit and faith based organizations in their mission to help re-employ their clients, by giving them access to NextJob’s online job search system and job club workshop materials.

In addition to her work with the Community Partnership program, Audrey is a Senior Certified Job Coach. She joined the NextJob team in 2015 as an extension of her over 30-year career in nonprofit leadership, education, team building and training.

Audrey has a B.A. in Education and an M.A. in Management. She is also a Myers-Briggs and Strong Interest Inventory Certified Practitioner.

Her lifelong passion has been helping others to be successful, and identify their authentic and best self.


Doug Kintzinger

Doug graduated from Luther College with a B.A in Math and Accounting in 1982 and graduated from University of Iowa with a law degree and a MBA in 1986.  Doug worked for JELD-WEN from 1987 to 2009, most recently as a member of the Board of Directors, Executive Vice President and CFO.  In 2009/2010, he worked as a consultant doing work primarily for Dick Wendt’s non JELD-WEN businesses:  Work First Casualty, SOS Staffing, JWTR LLC and NextJob.

From 2010 to 2016 worked as the CEO/President of IMS Capital Management (registered investment advisor/financial planning firm). Since July of 2016, he has worked as an owner/advisor of IMS Capital Management.

Doug joined Pacific Seafood in August of 2017 and serves as it’s Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Financial Officer. He is currently serving on the boards of IMS Capital Management, NextJob, Hampton Affiliates, Oregon Tech Foundation and Iowa Law School Foundation.

Jamie Madden

Jamie began his career in the staffing industry in 1994 when he took the reins of the family company and became President of Hire Calling, Inc., a staffing company with ten locations. Through acquisition and organic growth, the company grew to over 130 offices doing nearly $400 million in sales and covering twenty-five western states.  Jamie’s education in managing the workers’ compensation issues inherent to a staffing company began early in life when his father mortgaged the family home in order to have the funds to deposit with the State of Oregon to enable Hire Calling to become a self-insured employer. Growing up, a successful workers’ compensation program literally determined whether or not the family had a roof over its head. That early indoctrination led to an intimate understanding of the elements critical to a successful staffing industry workers’ compensation program.

Seeing a clear market need for an insurance carrier who understands the unique characteristics of a staffing company, Jamie became the driving force behind the formation of Work First Casualty Company in 2005. Beginning in 2008, he began serving as the President of Work First Casualty Company, and currently sits on the Board of Directors for NextJob.

Jamie attended Oregon State University and graduated in 1995 with Summa Cum Laude honors earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management.

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