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If your lender has offered you a reemployment package, our services are flat out free, no joke!

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What the Newspapers Are Saying . . .

Wall Street Journal

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What the Newspapers Are Saying . . .

M&T Bank Press Release

M&T Bank First Financial Institution in New York State and Second in the Nation to Help Some Unemployed Mortgage Holders Find Jobs

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What the Newspapers Are Saying . . .

The Wall Street Journal

"Fifth Third wanted to offer something that ties banking to what the economy arguably needs the most: More, or better, employment.“

Read the Whole Story: The Fifth Third Difference: Get A Job With Your Bank Statement 07-09-13

What the Newspapers Are Saying . . .

Chicago Tribune

"It was free," Gray said. "I said, 'Why not?'
I was looking for any type of service that could help me get back on my feet.I'm very resourceful. I have two children, I had a mortgage, I lost a six-figure job.“

Read the Whole Story: Fifth Third Connecting Borrowers With Jobs  02-15-13

What the Newspapers Are Saying . . .

USA Today

"Fifth Third Bank is working again with the national reemployment company, NextJob. There's a contest where Fifth Third is giving away $1 million in job coaching.“

d the Whole Story: How do you land that job after college?, 06-28-15

Your Free Personal Job Coach Package Helps You With…

Competitive Resumes

How does yours stack up?

Hard Interview Questions

"So, tell me about yourself."

And More, Including...

Updating to a Modern Resume

Finding Jobs in Your Network

Marketing Yourself for a New Job

Following Up When Employers Don’t Call

Hear from Homeowners...

My current opportunity that I'm very excited about which lines up with me as a person is beyond my beliefs!

- Joe, Atlanta GA - Manager
Joe's New Career (2 mins, 45 secs)

I don't know if I would have ever found that job or a job so perfect for me if it weren't for [M&T Bank]. So, my husband and I are very grateful.

- Janel, Albany, NY - Human Resources
Janel's Perfect New Job (2.5 mins)

The first thing that went through my mind was "is this real?"... [My coach] said stop thinking of the job title - analyze the skill set... Before the 12 weeks were up I had multiple interviews and two job offers.

- Sherrie, Baltimore, MD - Teacher
Sherrie Gets Two Job Offers (3.5 mins)

Your Job Coaching Package

Your Job Coaching Package Job seekers can improve their chances of landing a job by more than 60% with the right help.1 Your job search package has three powerful elements to give you the right help.

A Personal Trainer for Your Career

A job coach is like a personal trainer for your career. Your coach calls will help you:

  • Craft and fine tune a resume, 30 sec. commercial, social media profile, etc.
  • Choose a career direction to best tap their talents and background
  • Stay focused, accomplish goals and interview with confidence

All You Need to Know in One Spot, Online

It takes a lot.   Job boards, social media sites, resumes . . . Our system gives you:

  • Tools and exercises to help be prepared, including a resume builder
  • Today’s networking tricks to tap the 50% of jobs that are “hidden”
  • Guidance to the top job boards and how to use them

Downloadable Weekly Expert Webinars

Each week tune in to our JobTalk webinars for a deep dive in a key topic:

  • Hear experts discuss best practices and leading trends you need to know
  • Participate in group learning, share and hear from others
  • Download recordings to listen to on demand

I struggled for a long time nearly losing the house. Job search helped me redefine myself for new opportunities I would have missed.

– Borrower, Homeowner Reemployment Survey

Well, I don’t think I could have found such a great job if it hadn’t been for all of your support and the training from the NextJob classes.

- Kathryn

Wish I had gotten this information and support earlier in my search.

– Borrower, Homeowner Reemployment Survey

I knew this would be an experience that I would learn from but I never expected it to change my life in the way that it has, for the better.

– Borrower, Homeowner Reemployment Survey

It was extremely helpful and reassuring to know that my lender wanted to assist me in finding employment so that I could stay in my home.

- Borrower, Homeowner Reemployment Survey

Thank you for providing me with help with re-employment. Without my job coach and I may have given up, but this experience let me know that companies and people still care.

- Borrower, Homeowner Reemployment Survey

With NextJob, we immediately recognized an opportunity to go the extra mile to assist our customers. This is specific, one-on-one training that helps people identify their transferable skills and re-gain the financial stability of a new job.

- Steven Alonso, Executive Vice President and Head of the Consumer Bank Fifth Third Bancorp

– Chicago Tribune

– Voice of America TV

What Can a Job Coach Do?

Even though I sent 50+ resumes out per week, I received minimal activity. You altered my self-marketing strategy, helped me build my networking pipeline and . . . I found the company that would eventually offer me an executive management position a couple weeks later. Thank you and NextJob for the excellent help...

- Jim

I was in a pool of over 300 applicants and was able to make it through all the interviews and finally got the job. I believe my job coach was hugely responsible for that.

- Everett

My resume is 1000% better than when I started!

- Bill

I feel way more confident in job search, and in knowing what skills it takes to be successful. Between your expertise and the software I am gaining so much knowledge about how the whole job process works and how to tackle it as a whole.

- Katherine

I hugely appreciated the advice I received from my coach. She always put thought into my personal situation. Her emails with advice and other job options I could look at for work were so helpful.

- Alisha

I can’t thank my coach and the program enough. They taught me the “secrets” to finding the job that has made a huge difference in my life and future.

- Barbara

I can't thank you enough for all your support and encouragement in this process. You and the program provided me with some great resources and tips and really helped me to be more confident during the interview and offer process.

- Maureen

Thank you so very much in your assistance with my resume composition! Today I accepted a position at a local company, full of great people and possibilities ! Wanted to let you know and thank you again because you did make a difference for me!

- Beth

I LOVE IT, I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!!! I love the workshops, the software, I love my coach . . . you have been there for me so easy to get a hold of and you always get right back to me, gave me great advise, you are resourceful, and I have been telling everybody, about NextJob, my family, my friends, anyone who will listen.

- Karen

I just wanted to tell you how much I love NextJob's extensive and comprehensive service, your personal care, and your commitment.

- Dawn

What I valued most about the process was the Resume Builder, listening to the videos and my coach who could be a neutral party with an objective viewpoint and focused on building my confidence and motivation.

- Jennifer

Thank you so much! Very excited… started a couple weeks ago and it is amazing so far! Had two other offers but picked {this company} because it is an amazing company, my manager is fantastic and I think It is a great next step in my career! Thank you again for ALL your help and I look forward to staying in touch!

- Brian

“Fifth Third Aims to Stem Foreclosures by Focusing on Jobs” – American Banker

Fifth Third Bank Homeowner Reemployment Initiative – Winner of BAI-Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards for Societal and Community Impact

“Attacking Foreclosure at its Roots” – Default Servicing News