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Saving Homes, Building Equity

We’ve proven a strong ROI and win-win by helping delinquent borrowers land jobs, save homes & avoid foreclosure.

Unemployment is the leading cause of foreclosure
& each foreclosure costs tens of thousands of dollars

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Borrowers Who Saved Their Homes...

My current opportunity that I'm very excited about which lines up with me as a person is beyond my beliefs!

- Joe, Atlanta GA - Manager
Joe's New Career (2 mins, 20 secs)

I don't know if I would have ever found that job or a job so perfect for me if it weren't for [M&T Bank]. So, my husband and I are very grateful.

- Janel, Albany, NY - Human Resources
Janel's Perfect New Job (2 mins, 40 secs)

The first thing that went through my mind was "in this real?"... [My coach] said stop thinking of the job title - analyze the skill set... Before the 12 weeks were up I had multiple interview and two job offers.

- Sherrie, Baltimore, MD - Teacher
Sherrie Gets Two Job Offers (3 mins, 46 secs)

What’s in a Homeowner Reemployment Package?

Studies show that job seekers are 60% more likely to land a job with the right help. And we’ve designed our job search packages with three powerful elements of the right help.

One-on-One On Demand Job Coaching

A job coach is like a personal trainer for your career. Coaches help job seekers:

  • Craft and fine tune a resume, 30 sec. commercial, social media profile, etc.
  • Choose a career direction to best tap their talents and background
  • Stay focused, accomplish goals and interview with confidence

Online Proven Job Search Training System

Things change. Job boards, social media sites, resumes… Our system provides:

  • Tools and exercises to help be prepared, including a resume builder
  • Today’s networking tricks to tap the 50% of jobs that are “hidden”
  • Guidance to the top job boards and how to use them

Weekly Job Club Webinar

Each week our JobTalk webinars dive into a key topic so job seekers can:

  • Hear experts discuss best practices and leading trends you need to know
  • Participate in group learning, share and hear from others
  • Download recordings to listen to demand

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Freddie Mac Program

NextJob has joined forces with Freddie Mac, to help servicers assist eligible homeowners with Home Possible® and HFA Advantage® mortgages in specific high-needs areas who experience employment challenges.

The NextJob program lowers foreclosure rates, lifts home-retention rates and can strengthen your relationship with your borrowers. NextJob participants have found employment within four months of completing the programs. Participating homeowners receive one-on-one on-demand job coaching, learn how to tap into online job search systems and have access to weekly web workshops.

To learn more on identifying and enrolling eligible borrowers, read the HFA Advantage homeowner and existing homeowner fact sheets. Visit Freddie Mac’s Rural Housing web page for more information.

When it’s a loan structure issue, you can deal with that, but when it’s an unemployment issue, unless you go out and find them a job there’s not much you can do…eventually, that loan will go into foreclosure.

says Jay Brinkman, Chief Economist for the Mortgage Bankers’ Association.

Why It Works

Proven Track Record

We brought reemployment solutions to the lending industry with award winning Homeowner Reemployment.


More Personal Coaching

Compassionate and effective coaches specially chosen to match each job seekers needs.


Brand Building

Bringing better solutions to banking customers to help them build financial security.


Partnering With Lenders to Help Homeowners Stay in Their Homes – Voice of America TV

White Paper

“Fifth Third Aims to Stem Foreclosures by Focusing on Jobs” – American Banker

Fifth Third Bank Homeowner Reemployment Initiative – Winner of BAI-Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards for Societal and Community Impact

“Attacking Foreclosure at its Roots” – Default Servicing News

With NextJob, we immediately recognized an opportunity to go the extra mile to assist our customers. This is specific, one-on-one training that helps people identify their transferable skills and re-gain the financial stability of a new job.

- Steven Alonso, Executive Vice President and head of the Consumer Bank Fifth Third Bancorp

Well, I don’t think I could have found such a great job if it hadn’t been for all of your support and the training from the NextJob classes.

- Kathryn

Thank you! It is beyond words my appreciation. I once thought I would lose my home, but now have hope. I love my home and now my lender too! A foreclosure would have been a loss for me and the lender. I have been in my home and a great customer for almost 15 years.

- Borrower

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