Helping students make the most of their education and get back on track.

We believe that lenders can find the win-win of helping their student borrowers land jobs and careers that help them be financially sound.

NextJob introduced its reemployment service to help financial institutions find a more powerful way to service their student loan customers

NextJob introduced its reemployment service to help financial institutions find a more powerful way to service their student loan customers: by delivering a three-part job search service that includes one-on-one job coaching, skills based software training and weekly job club. Offering the best tools in motivation, education and connection we are helping unemployed graduates find jobs.

More than half of recent college
graduates don’t have full-time jobs

Why It Works

Proven Track Record

We brought reemployment solutions to the lending industry with award winning Homeowner Reemployment.


More Personal Coaching

Compassionate and effective coaches specially chosen to match each job seekers needs.


Brand Building

Bringing better solutions to banking customers to help them build financial security.

Your Job Coaching Package

Studies show that job seekers can improve their chances of landing a job by more than 60% with the right help. And we’ve designed your job search package with three powerful elements to give you the right help.

Icon coaching

A Personal
Trainer for
Your Career

A job coach is like a personal trainer for your career. Your coach calls will help you:

  • Craft and fine tune your resume, 30 sec. commercial, social media profile, etc.
  • Choose a career direction to best tap your talents and background
  • Stay focused, accomplish your goals and interview with confidence
Icon software

All You Need to
Know in One
Spot, Online

It takes a lot.   Job boards, social media sites, resumes . . . Our system gives you:

  • Tools and exercises to help you be prepared, including a resume builder
  • Today’s networking tricks to tap the 50% of jobs that are “hidden”
  • Guidance to the top job boards and how to use them
Icon Job club

Weekly Expert

Each week tune in to our JobTalk webinars for a deep dive in a key topic:

  • Hear experts discuss best practices and leading trends you need to know
  • Participate in group learning, share and hear from others
  • Download recordings to listen to whenever you like

1 Effectiveness of job search interventions: a meta-analytic review, Liu S, Huang JL, Wang M., Psychological Bulletin, July 2014, 1009-1041, Table 2.

I just wanted to tell you how much I love NextJob’s extensive and comprehensive service, your personal care, and your commitment.

- Dawn

I was in a pool of over 300 applicants and was able to make it through all the interviews and finally got the job. I believe my job coach was hugely responsible for that.

- Everett


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To learn more about the movement of social innovation and ROI positive reemployment help for everyone, check out our news page and our blog.


Homeowners in default can double or triple their rates of reemployment.

Workers grade their job search readiness at a C- average.

With NextJob, we immediately recognized an opportunity to go the extra mile to assist our customers. This is specific, one-on-one training that helps people identify their transferable skills and re-gain the financial stability of a new job.

- Steven Alonso, Executive Vice President and head of the Consumer Bank Fifth Third Bancorp

Well, I don’t think I could have found such a great job if it hadn’t been for all of your support and the training from the NextJob classes.


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