Growth & Leadership Development

To engage, develop & retain your employees

The Great Resignation Challenge

39% of surveyed workers are unhappy at work & 60% have looked at new career opportunities

NextJob’s Solution

NextJob’s Career Development coaching can help employers engage and retain their workforce. Through focused career development assessments, coaching, webinars and an online learning system, NextJob supports HR departments by working 1:1 with employees on their engagement, growth and leadership.

Connection. NextJob helps employees identify and grow their personal and career connection by:

  • Assessing personality, passions, talents and values and finding connection to their work
  • Identifying personal strengths and skill gaps and developing matched strategies
  • Discovering opportunities for self and career growth in their current role and organization

Development. NextJob helps employees identify and build skills to navigate their career path in an organization by:

  • Assessing, developing and expanding different intelligences, including emotional intelligence
  • Identifying and developing transferable skills that can be leveraged in new opportunities
  • Finding and navigating training opportunities to fill important career path skill gaps

Leadership. NextJob helps leaders and emerging leaders achieve their personal potential by:

  • Developing leadership competencies that engage and inspire others, even in challenging times
  • Optimizing interpersonal skills that help them better relate to managers, co-workers and customers
  • Identifying personal blind spots and developing resilience strategies to improve performance

Research shows happiness at work comes from being energized & having a sense of purpose and belonging

Indeed Happiness Report


Productivity & Satisfaction

  • Increased skills and a renewed focus onimpacting team goals
  • Leaders who are better equipped to manage, engage and inspire their teams
  • Greater team member satisfaction derived from better day-to-day performance

Competencies & Career Growth

  • Better career-pathing leading to proactive skills development
  • Career navigation that prevents a perceived dead end from becoming a quit

Employee Retention & Promotability

  • Improved engagement stemming from one-on-one attention that leads to long-tenured employees
  • Increased opportunities to promote from within and maintain a workforce steeped in company culture and familiar with operations

"If your team is not happy and engaged, they're not that productive and may leave.

NextJob helps to develop the team members’ goals and direction and as a result, our team has become a shining example of how to keep employees engaged!”

- Jon, Sr. Director
Apparel Product Innovation
Overseeing 160 Team Members

“Self-improvement can be both a hobby and a lifelong pursuit.

Having a fresh set of eyes being able to coach me was so helpful.

Our coaching time together has impacted my whole life and I will forever be grateful.”  

- Monika, Employee
Monika’s Story (1.3 mins)

NextJob’s Menu of services

NextJob’s menu of customized career growth services offers something for every level of employee and is customized for each team member’s opportunities and goals:

  • 1:1 Advanced Coaching – designed for leaders, upper level employees and strategic contributors
  • 1:1 Growth Coaching – crafted for emerging leaders and high potential employees
  • Small Group Coaching – a hybrid model of group sessions followed by 1:1 sessions to advance for employees with similar development goals

NextJob also offers an interactive career growth webinar series to engage a broader group of employees.

Call or email us to learn more about how we can customize Career Growth services for your organization.

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