How to Turn an Interview Into a Job Offer

Near the end of the interview, make sure you’ve shared the right information so that your interviewer knows how well your qualities match the job.

  • Ask this key question. “What is most important in order to be really successful in this position?” Using the interviewer’s answer to that question as a guide, explain how your skills, experience and passions match what they’re looking for. If you have skills gaps, highlight your transferable skills, or give an example of a time when you quickly learned a new skill.
  • Show enthusiasm for the job. Employers want to hire people who are passionate about their work. Demonstrate your enthusiasm, saying something like, “This is a fantastic fit for me based on what you’ve shared with me today. I’m really excited about what you do and I know I could add value to your team. What can I expect as next steps?”
  • Follow up. As a final touch, thank your interviewer for their time and follow up with a sincere, non-generic thank you email during work hours on the same day or the next morning.

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P.S. Remember, companies hire first for passion and core values. When addressing gaps, use words that show your passion and core values. To learn more about interviewing well, ask your job coach or a friend to practice a mock interview. Log in to your NextJob account to learn more.

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