Free Seminar: Elements of Effective Career Branding for Social Networking


Are you or someone you know searching for that great next job?

Join us on 11/17/15 at 12pm EST for a free interactive 45 minute virtual seminar where we will explore why every career seeker should have a professional brand, key elements in building a brand and initial steps to showcasing your brand in social networks.After attending this seminar you will understand:

  1. The purpose a brand serves as applied to your career.
  2. Key conceptual and functional elements of a well-created professional brand.
  3. First steps in preparing to effectively use social networks for career building.
  4. How to actively build your brand identity in social networks.

Mark Your Calendar:

Elements of Effective Career Branding for Social Networking
Date: Nov. 17, 2015

Time: 12pm ET

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We come out of college excited and ambitious yet with little guidance on how to keep building ourselves as professionals for a successful career future.

Having a career coach opened my eyes to what is truly meant by the term ‘job market’, how I fit in and stand out in it, and the simple yet effective steps every person can take to get to where they want to go. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to work with a NextJob coach.
– Gina Harrison

Presented by NextJob Coaches, Tara Orchard and Dixie Bullock


Dixie is a Coach Team Manager at NextJob where she manages a team of job coaches. Dixie’s coaching

and employment-related services experience include over 15 years in staffing, recruiting, training, and job-matching. She has been consistently successful in helping others feel empowered about next steps, outcomes and options.


Tara is a Career Performance, Branding, Social Networking and LinkedIn Coach and Freelancer Writer. For over 18 years she has advised 1000’s of people on effective Career and Social networking strategies that include taking control of their careers by adapting to constantly changing opportunities.

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