NextJob Career Management Packages are designed to help your employees get that promotion and grow into their full potential. Candidates are strategically guided and supported by a personal job coach through market-leading assessments and our full stack curriculum.

Career Navigation

  • Crafting an accomplishments-based resume and branded summary
  • Developing a personal branding statement and 60 second commercial
  • Preparing and practicing to interview with confidence

Strategic Career Direction

  • Assessing personality strengths, blind spots & matched strategies
  • Identifying transferable skills & training opportunities to grow
  • Identifying internal job opportunities that provide a strategic career path
  • Seeking jobs within reach, even if it seems like a stretch!

Leadership Development

  • Identifying & developing needed leadership competencies for advancement
  • Developing relationship building skills for meaningful career connections
  • Marketing yourself for a promotion

Emotional Intelligence Development

  • Developing self-awareness of emotions and programmed reactions
  • Identifying self-management strategies for success
  • Developing heightened social awareness and relationship skills

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